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Minors are prohibited to visit the web pages of this website, as according to the law they are addressed exclusively to adults. If minors spontaneously visit websites or make use of services accessible through the pages of this website, possible to be considered as inadequate or harmful for them, the administrators of this website shall bear no liability.

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i) violates any  thirds’ rights (e.g. intellectual and industrial property),
ii) offends the personality of thirds (e.g. defamatory, racist),
iii) is contrary to the law and moral and commercial practises,
iv) abuses in any way the private life and personal and social rights of thirds.
c) Mislead anyone as to the origin of the content of this website, to harm in any way the reputation of owners, thirds, to jeopardize the security of their network, to prevent any user from accessing this website or any service provided for in the owners’ network, or to omit the ID audit by them.
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In any case of illegal or contrary to these Terms and Conditions, use of this website, visitors shall be obliged to refund the owners for any positive or consequential damage.  Non-exercise by the beneficiaries of their rights deriving from these Terms does not imply their waiver from these rights.

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