Handcrafted Custom Pantam


“Aggion ” comes from the Greek word “Αγγείον”, which describes the Ancient Greek vessels made from clay , 3000bc. Discover the rest of the story behind AGGION and the team.


This is a documentary based on the story and the building process of Aggion Pantam. From the first experiments and hammerings till the final stages .


A handcrafted pantam goes through many stages till its final tuning, right before it arrives to his owner. We would love to share with you some instants, not only of our precious world of creativity, but also our dedication to premium craftsmanship.


Please browse our video gallery, experience moments of AGGION and explore different pantam scales. 


A million of stories can be told about a pantam. When we don’t build it, we blog about it. We blog about all that make us joyful, curious, challenged and more.