Learning Handpan made simple and fun!

First post on the blog, and we decided to dedicate to many new customers and friends, that ask us the same questions.

How can I learn the basics of handpan?

Can you teach me how to play properly?

I already know some basic stuff, but I want to improve, how can I do that?

Are there any techniques that I need to know?

The answer that always comes to mind, is a name. David Charrier and his website masterthehandpan.com.  I first got acquainted with David, years ago when few people knew about this special instrument. Watching several of his videos, he became one my favorite players in a matter of musicality, his approach to the handpan and the super easy and efficient techniques everyone can follow. That’s why we believe that his online courses, available for all levels, are the way to go.

As time flies, we connected with David and we are glad to offer you a special coupon to have 30$ discount using AGGION in your subscription.